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I do it all the time. I have my target specific primers with "tails on them." These tails are "universal" sequences alien to the genome your targeting. I then add on the "platform" specific P5/P7 tails with R1/R2 priming regions for Illumina, or the Forward and Reverse sequencing tails for Ion Torrent to complete the job.

Wham bam, the results that get spit out (for genotyping purposes) are pretty much similar.

Now, and this is a big IF, you are trying to QUANTIFY rare alleles, the detection limits for that give base variation between the different loci will be HIGHLY PLATFORM DEPENDENT.

For the most part Illumina Error profile is quite good. And cost wise, is easier/cheaper to get up and running. Ion Torrent with its heterodimer bead issues can create problems with similar templates that vary by a single allele; especially in low complexity libraries.

Ion torrent, if done right, can have a VERY QUICK turn around, and can be used for quick identification once the assay is well characterized.

Best of luck.

-Tom Blomquist
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