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Hi Brian,

Thanks for looking at the data. The files that I uploaded have 482,680,800 reads. The sequencer generates "reads" for each single nanowell - no matter if it is loaded or not. Thus, the figure of 30% or higher "failing" reads is expected. The SAV viewer indicates a total of 482.68 million nanowells. According to Illumina 60% to 70% of clusters passing filter are considered to be very good; because the figure is calculated with respect to the total number of nanowells. I did intentionally upload files including all non-passing reads (the majority of the "not passing filter" data are likely simply empty nano-wells though).


Originally Posted by Brian Bushnell View Post
I finally finished downloading these, and I'll take a look at the quality from mapping. But before I do that, I always trim adapters... but I was never sure what kind of adapters PhiX reads had. They don't exactly match any adapters in my list, so I'll call them "PhiX adapters". Here they are, for reference:


Also, at least for the first 4 million reads, 29.36% failed the chastity filter.

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