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Default How to increase sample submission to core

As a sequencing core facility, we encourage those in our institution to submit their samples to us. We perform DNA/RNA extractions, library prep, and sequencing on Illumina NextSeq and MiSeq platforms. Some of the P.I.s choose to have their own technicians perform the DNA/RNA extractions and library prep, and only use us for the library QC and sequencing. Doing this, lessens the work load for the core technicians, almost to the point where some core technicians won't be needed anymore. Then, when big projects do finally come to the core, the processing time will be much slower because there are fewer technicians.

Are there any cores out there that have run into this same situation? How can we encourage other P.I.s to allow the sequencing core to handle their samples from start to finish? I know mostly it's a money issue and if they are paying for their own techs, they will use them. But, overall, the core is here for a specific purpose and the core has the most experience and are able to troubleshoot most effectively because of that experience.
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