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Default Download all bacteria genomes in .gbk format

Hello all,

Sorry if this has been posted before, but after searching the internet I seem to be at a dead end.

I currently would like to download all bacterial genomes in .gbk or .embl format to use with a program called MultiGeneBlast.

The current GUI in the program to create your own database doesnt work.
I have tried website and it does not work either and crashes most of the time.

I've manually downloaded the gbgbct.seq.gz files individually from and changed the extensions of the files to .gbk and when I use the database creation tool within MultiGeneBlast it still doesnt work.

If I go to and choose completed genomes of bacteria it doesnt give me the .gbk format only .gbff and doesnt give me an embl option.

Maybe it is alot easier and simpler than I'm finding it, but I am not the most computer proficient.

If anybody would like to extend some help or advice it would be muchly appreciated. All the best!
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