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Default subread: "a superfast read aligner"


Has anyone of you allready tried subread ("subread: a superfast read aligner":
I'm very new to RNA-Seq. I'm examining Illumina HiSeq data for different tissues of the human body. At first I used bowtie2 (beta3, without splicing library) and it mapped about 85% of the reads to the hg19 genome (which is quite good I think?!) using the standard parameters for bowtie2 end-to-end alignment.
After that I tried out subread with standard settings. Subread should be able to detect splicing events. It actually mapped 95 to 98% of my reads to hg19 in the same time as bowtie2 did!
I'm asking if anybody is experienced with subread and could say something about the quality of the program/mapping process and traps or drawbacks of it? I'm wondering why it is not mentioned anywhere although it seems to be very fast and powerful?
Thank you.

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