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Question Increase of current during the run and loss of resolution ABI 3130

Hi all,
I faced with the problem of loss of resolution after 600 nt during the run on 3130 and 80 cm capillaries. I noticed that at aprx. 80 minutes of electrophoresis (corresponded to 550-600 nt), the EP current starts to increase from 26 mA to 27 and reached 29 mA to the end of the run. This strictly coincides with the beginning of the loss of the quality of the sequence.

So, the questions are: is it normal for EP current to increase during the run? Can anybody look at EP current chart and say whether the current is increased during the run? If it is not normal, what reason can cause this?

PS.: I contacted the support team, but they could not answer this question and promised to send a serviceman. But all this takes time and time again. Maybe someone was faced with such a problem

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