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thanks for the reply!

I can be actively involved. I think that there is wonderfull information here.

One thing that I don't know if there is information about how to fill the form when you create a new tool. I am talking about: bioinformatic method and biological domain although apply to the other tags. It could be possible to have some tips on what words to put here to try to remove redundacy?
I think that if we get to reduce the redundancy we will increase the users and visits.

1-I don't know if it would be possible to put something similar to select predefined tags, and maybe create new one in case there is no existing tags. Something like evernote does with notes. I know that maybe this is complicated and we can start just showing a text in red colour mentioning that "please try to use an existing tag used by other tools".

2-Maybe we start also a call to all people who have the soft here to come back and update the information following some tips that will help to improve the DB.

Really, I think that this is super important for the community, and I would like to help. Because I see this DB as the reference place to come to check how many tools you need to do you benchmark analysis, to know what options you have to analyze your data and to know if there is any free space to a new soft.

what do you think about point 1 and 2?
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