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sorry about the silence. I have been travel during these two months and thinking how to get people involve in this.

I have some ideas but one I think that could be done right now.

any way to create a NEW page where tools are to explain about our new great project to improve the database. It would be similar to the wiki projects to improve page. If you create it, I can fill it with words and figure. My main idea is to explain how to help (just improving existing tools or adding new toolsaccording to EDAM classification) and why is so important.
What do you think?

My second effort would be to ask for a Special Sesion during ISMB2014. The idea is to be a couple of hours all people editing the wiki. It would be good to try if we at least get 10 people

After that I will tell you about other ideas, but first I think it is important to have a page explaining this new initiative, so I can send emails with the link to all people I know

let me know!

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