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Job Description: We are seeking a highly motivated bioinformatician with strong interest in biological questions. We have pioneered the study of natural instances of cellular reprogramming establishing the worm C. elegans as a unique model (see for ex. Jarriault PNAS 2008; Richard Dev. 2011; Kagias PNAS 2012; Hadjuskova Genesis 2012; Zuryn Science 2014; Becker 2016). We have developed methods to perform bulk and single cell omics approaches (RNA Seq, Dam ID) and are developing ATAC Seq in order to determine among others the transcriptional dynamics, the chromatin architecture and the cellular transition states during reprogramming. The candidate missions include : implementation and/or development of (sc) RNA Seq, Dam ID (active genes and active chromatin regions modelling), and ATAC Seq analysis tools; Setting up of interfaces and work flow usable by other lab members ; Visualisation, analyses and interpretation of the omics data ; Participation to the writing of the corresponding scientific manuscripts. Initial contract will be 6 month, renewable up to 12 more months.

Scientific Environnement: Our international team (, supported by an ERC grant, is part of the Cell and Developmental Department, at the IGBMC in Strasbourg, France. This Research Institute ( provides access to college term papers and state-of-the-art facilities and a vibrant international research environment, and offers the candidate a unique opportunity to be exposed to multidisciplinary teams and a rich scientific life (seminars, international meetings, scientific clubs, retreats, postdocs&students board, etc). Interaction and potential collaborations are possible with several other teams, including,, and the bioinformatic service of the institute NGS platform.

Candidate: The ideal candidate will have a Master or a PhD, experience with analysis of large datasets, strong programming skills (R/Bioconductor, Python, Perl, C++, UNIX, Bash scripts) and proficiency in big data integration, interpretation and visualization. The candidate is ideally a bioinformatics analyst with a strong background in biology. The candidate must have a first experience in the analysis of RNA Seq data, be motivated by the biological questions and is expected to work collaboratively with other team members.

Apply: Interested applicants should submit a cover letter with research interests, brief statement on their future goals, description of research experience, curriculum vitae, the names of three referees willing to provide letters of reference to :
Dr. Sophie Jarriault at:
Hello Sophie,

I'm interested in the position, but unfortunately, I've very little research experience in bioinformatics. I did research in biochemistry and molecular biology with the help of various programming tools (using Bash scripts as well). However, I'm considering to take additional courses this summer. What is the deadline for application?

Thank you,
Dr. Terry Lewis

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