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Default Experienced sequencing providers for RRBS-seq?


can someone recommend me a reliable sequencing provider for RRBS-sequencing? Our current provider struggles with this kind of application, they have problems finding the right amount of PhiX, they generate low quality bases and waste a lot of reads; they have admitted that this is the first time they try their hands at this application, and so they do not have the expertise with sequencing such low-complexity libraries.

We have a lot of urgent RRBS-seq projects in the pipeline, and we would like to do RRBS-seq regularly in the future, so we are considering changing the sequencing provider.

So I'm asking mainly the RRBS users (but WGBS users are also welcome of course, though I think the complexity is better with WGBS): where do you usually sequence, which sequencing provider can you recommend that has experience with sequencing low complexity libraries?

Also we prefer Illumina technology and situation in Europe, but these are not priorities.

Thanks in advance!
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