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Default why I have a velvetg blank script?

Hey there,
I came across this really odd situation and have no idea about what to do. I’ve just installed Velvet-1.2.10 and realized that the “velvetg” script is actually in blank!

more velvet*

******** velveth: Not a text file ********

./velvetg = return nothing
./velveth = return usage/help

I installed velvet following the manual.
I’ve just run the velveth and no error was reported.

./velveth out_name 31 -fastq.gz ~/read_1_PAIRED.fq.gz ~/read_2_PAIRED.fq.gz

But, running the following return “-bash: ./velvetg: Text file busy”

./velvetg out_name -cov_cutoff 4 > ./velvetg out_name -min_contig_lgth 100

Could anyone help me? I believe I am missing something but I could not realize what.

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