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Question Cuffdiff and zero FPKM values give enormous log ratio

Hi all,
I'm new to RNA seq and I'm working with TopHat - Cufflinks - Cuffcompare - Cuffdiff pipeline.
I use Cufflinks without annotation and then Cuffcompare for two samples with annotation. I put the results of Cuffcompare (transcripts.combined.gtf) to Cuffdiff as input. Is this the right way?

I have results from cuffdiff for differential expression testing. As a result for DE testing it provides the following measure: ln(FPKMx/FPKVy) for ratio for the gene between two samples X and Y. If for gene A in sample X FPKMx = 2 and for the sample Y FPKMy=0, then the ratio is like 1,79 E306, so enormously big
How do you deal with it?

Any ideas are very welcome!
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