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Angry SOAP denovo seg faults during map

Hi all,
I'm getting a seg fault while running map during a SOAP denovo run. I'm running on OSX with SOAPdenovo v 1.05.
I have checked to be sure input data has reads larger than 30 bp and that no empty lines exist. Does anyone have any other debugging ideas?

Here is my cfg:


Here's the map execution:

map -s soap.cfg -g test
K = 23
contig len cutoff: 25

there're 3424 contigs in file: test, max seq len 60625, min seq len 24, max name len 10
time spent on parse contigs file 0s
8 thread created
time spent on hash reads: 1s
4517379 nodes allocated, 5614229 kmer in reads, 5614229 kmer processed
time spent on De bruijn graph construction: 1s

time spent on mapping long reads: 0s

In file: soap.cfg, max seq len 70, max name len 256

8 thread created
5450 edges in graph
basicContigInfo: 2 vs 3
basicContigInfo: 3 vs 5
basicContigInfo: 5 vs 7
basicContigInfo: 7 vs 9
basicContigInfo: 4331 vs 5457
basicContigInfo: 4333 vs 5459
basicContigInfo: 4334 vs 5461
Segmentation fault
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