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Using High output we are actually getting over 500 million reads per run. Unlike our GAII, and HighSeq, we actually have to pay very close attention to cluster density. The target cluster density for high quality samples is 1.75pM-2pM. Anything above and below will results in under/over clustering. So your samples need to be very exact with concentration.

These are solely made to be streamlined with the BaseSpace. Right now it only works with BaseSpace onsite, not in the cloud as they are having some majority broker issues that still are not resolved. Make sure you do your research in regards to output files and data in regards to basespace because it is not a visual machine. It gives you the output files and you must use 3rd party software on a different computer to view the results. Very annoying.

Overall very impressed with the NextSeq's, not so much BaseSapce.
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