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Default RTG Core 3.4.4 / RTG Tools 3.4.4

New stable releases are now available which include minor improvements and bug fixes. In particular, heavy users of vcfeval or rocplot will benefit from updating to the new release.

The first of these is our full analysis suite, RTG Core 3.4.4. The changes in this version are listed below. Commercial users may download the update from our website at Non-commercial users can download the update from our website at or build from the updated source on github.

We have also produced updated builds of our utilities package, RTG Tools 3.4.4, which is made freely available for non-commercial or commercial use alike. More information and download links are available from our website at

RTG Core 3.4.4 (2015-03-20)

This release primarily includes bugfixes and minor improvements:

* vcffilter: The --keep-filter and --remove-filter options now
recognize '.' as a value that can be filtered on. For example, to
keep only variants that have a FILTER column that corresponds to
non-filtered, use -k . -k PASS.

* vcfeval: Enabled skipping over more extremely complex edge cases
that could otherwise cause exceedingly long computation times.

* rocplot: Add the ability to click on a point within the graph to
show in the status bar the true positives / false positives /
precision / sensitivity scores equivalent to that point.

* rocplot: The individual curve sliders that can be used to simulate
the effects of various threshold cut-offs did not work very well for
curves corresponding to scores with very wide ranges and non-uniform
distribution (such as GQ and QUAL often are). These sliders are
improved so they work better with these curves, and adjusting the
sliders also displays accuracy metrics in the status bar, to aid in
threshold selection.

* rocplot: It was sometimes possible to zoom in to negative

* aview: Fix display of BED regions that do not have a region name
contained within the BED file.
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