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Default RTG Core 3.4.5 / RTG Tools 3.4.5

New stable releases are now available which include minor improvements and bug fixes. In particular, those using the somatic caller or vcfeval/rocplot will benefit from updating to the new release.

The first of these is our full analysis suite, RTG Core 3.4.5. The changes in this version are listed below. Commercial users may download the update from our website at Non-commercial users can download the update from our website at or build from the updated source on github.

We have also produced updated builds of our utilities package, RTG Tools 3.4.5, which is made freely available for non-commercial or commercial use alike. More information and download links are available from our website at

RTG Core 3.4.5 (2015-05-22)

This release primarily includes bugfixes and minor improvements:

* somatic: If the input mappings contained unmapped records with
assigned coordinates, these were erroneously being included as
evidence, resulting in spurious calls when calling with non-zero
contamination specified.

* vcfeval: Implemented an algorithm optimization that permits the
evaluation of situations that previous versions would skip over as
being too-complex (primarily where there were long runs of abutting
variants), as well as yielding a general speed improvement.

* avrbuild: Add checks that the user has specified at least one VCF
annotation for use as a predictor attribute.

* vcffilter: Fix bug when filtering on the FILTER declared last in the
header for files that contained inadvertent duplicate FILTER header
declarations or containing an explicit declaration for the PASS

* rocplot: Minor improvements to file chooser handling, and also
include F-measure as an additional accuracy statistic in the status
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