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I want to created a (small) RNAseq test set from a small bacterial plasmid. So I used :
Code: reads=30000 paired=t metagenome=t  ref=transcripts.fasta out1=test_RNA_1.fq out2=test_RNA_2.fq
(Then I get 30k reads for each pair. No problem, I guess that's because the default is single end)

Then I mapped back the reads with BBmap
Code: ref=Rhizobium_Leguminosarum_plasmid_NZ_CP025014.1_transcripts.fasta  in1=Unlock_test_RNA_1.fq in2=Unlock_test_RNA_2.fq covstats=RNA.cov
Reads:                               	60000
Mapped reads:                        	54225
Mapped bases:                        	8063372
Ref scaffolds:                       	562
Ref bases:                           	521537

Percent mapped:                      	90.375
Percent proper pairs:                	64.822
Average coverage:                    	15.461
Standard deviation:                    	51.768
Percent scaffolds with any coverage: 	59.96
Percent of reference bases covered:  	45.87
The mapping percentages seem very low to me. Mapping to the genome gives similar results.
I am using in the wrong way for this?
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