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Default Looking for laboratories and core facilities that require outsourcing of NGS


I was wondering if there are core facilities that require outsourcing of next generation sequencing. *Correction* Not just core facilities but anyone who requires sequencing.

I am the sales representative for a core facility. The service we provide includes whole genome sequencing (resequencing and de-novo), exome sequencing, RNA-seq, methylation-seq, nucleosome-seq and custom targeted sequencing across all organisms. Our laboratories have years of experience including providing datasets that have been used in such publications. We also provide a bioinformatic package tailored to the specific questions that you want answered (either basic or more sophisticated).

We currently have the Illumina Hi-seq 2000, GA-II, Mi-seq, Ion Torrent and GS-FLX Titanium platforms.

If your lab requires sequencing or if your core facility requires outsourcing then please contact me directly (e-mail) and we could discuss this in more detail.

Carl Lee

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