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Originally Posted by Jeremy View Post
It doesn't actually state how many days you can get good quality data from a single cartridge assuming enough good quality sample is available. That's a pretty significant factor if you want to sequence a whole genome.
This is not particularly important. Quoting myself from this thread:
Samples can be ejected during a run and shifted to other cartridges, cartridges can be replaced, runs can be started at any time, and stopped due to a number of different desired factors, so any drop-off in occupancy probably won't have too much impact on result output (as long as there's still money to burn).
As long as you have money and monkeys, you can sequence as many bananas as you want. With the "release date" 2000-pore GridION, a 20-node system should do a human genome in an hour (you'd need to split the sample into 20 for this), or a 5-node system in 4 hours:

I guess that's assuming 5-20x coverage for the human genome, depending on how you interpret "tens of gigabases", and also suggests a genome should be possible in one day on a single node with reasonable coverage.

With 20 MinIONs, it would take about 4 hours assuming similar processing speed.
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