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Originally Posted by gringer View Post
As long as you have money and monkeys, you can sequence as many bananas as you want. With the "release date" 2000-pore GridION, a 20-node system should do a human genome in an hour (you'd need to split the sample into 20 for this), or a 5-node system in 4 hours:

I guess that's assuming 5-20x coverage for the human genome, depending on how you interpret "tens of gigabases", and also suggests a genome should be possible in one day on a single node with reasonable coverage.

With 20 MinIONs, it would take about 4 hours assuming similar processing speed.
Splitting the sample across 20 different cartridges to reduce the time of an automated process is all well and good. But it's not very practical. I am yet to find a lab where the budget is not the most limiting factor for what can be done. With a limited budget, the output of a single cartridge is very important.
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