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Hi All,

An AGBT poster is a great idea and I would say to Eric don't worry about self promotion. You deserve this one!

I have used tag clouds to visualise stuff before and it might be a way to look at content of even authors. See for a random SEQanswers page in a cloud format. If we collected a list of authors on every post and used this kind of format it should give credit to eveyone on the basis of their input. Those who post a lot would appear as larger text?

Listing some authors over others might not be fair but if it is done as a list of the top 5% of posters based on average posts it should be defensible. Scientists can’t argue with normal distributions! I am sure anyone that did make it onto the poster would be happy to be on it.

I would like to see the poster focus on the community aspect and the fact that this is THE place to go for info on next-gen.

Using the map to visualise where members are located might be good. The map was used in a recent Nature editorial and I was really pleased with the use of something which was created as a community resource to display what scientists across the world are doing with the technology.

Happy to help out more on a final poster.

Why not post the ppt file on Dropbox and ask people to save updates separately. I am not sure if there is a good PowerPoint collaboration tool?

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