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Originally Posted by GenoMax View Post
Are there temperature fluctuations (day/night cycles or otherwise) in the room where your HiSeq resides?

I remember bubbles being a issue in the past when we had problems with temperature control (though I can't definitely say they were related, just anecdotal thinking). Lately I have not heard of bubbles being a problem.
I guess there would be some, but nothing much. We are in a sub-basement lab and I keep it pretty cool. Usually between 19-21 oC.

Are you sure they are not an issue for you? My assay is here is the error rate for the top surface of a flowcell:

Here it is for the bottom surface of that same flowcell:

If I go to one of the cycles with a high error rate tile, look at that cycle in the flowcell chart, I can see that tile, click on it and SAV pops over to the imaging tab and I see:

Pretty much every time.

You don't see those?

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