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Struggling with some fungal samples using Nextera XT. I use this kit routinely samples ranging from arabidopsis to salmonella. gDNA is extremely clean based on Nanodrop/PicoGreen and agarose gel. Not getting enough detectable PCR product to warrant even moving forward with bead-based normalization.

It's not a kit issue since I've run through several lots at this point...have had success with bacterial libraries in the same time frame.

I typically do the extractions myself but the gDNA coming to me has been made using a variety of methods. The last prep being phenol, phenol/chlroform extracted, ethanol precipitated and run over a column.

Really stumped here. I'd like to figure out with the inhibitor is but will be moving on to mechanical fragmentation at this point.

Is the enzyme the same between Nextera and Nextera XT? Has anyone resolved similar issues?
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