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Default -p flag causes problems


I'm running tohat2 against the sequence of my transgene (luciferase). I only use the bowtie2 indexes and the FASTA file (i.e., no GTF).
I realized that using the -p 2 (or more) comparing to no -p option (but I didn't try to explicitly run w/ -p 1) can sometimes (this is file related because it doesn't haapen w/ all files) spits the following error:
Reporting output tracks
Error running /usr/libexec/tophat.

Another type of error occured on some files:

Warning: Empty fasta file: '/rdata/ngseq/Playground/guy/tophat2/030314_root4/130814luc/P4/tmp/segment_juncs.fa'
Warning: All fasta inputs were empty
Error: Encountered internal Bowtie 2 exception (#1)
Command: /usr/bin/bowtie2-build /rdata/ngseq/Playground/guy/tophat2/030314_root4/130814luc/P4/tmp/segment_juncs.fa /rdata/ngseq/Playground/guy/tophat2/030314_root4/130814luc/P4/tmp/segment_juncs
Error: Splice sequence indexing failed with err =1

I solved it by the flag: --no-novel-juncs
It is starnge because according to tohat manual, this flag is ignored w/o the -j/G option but it solved the problem.

topaht version 2.0.9 or 2.012.
Good luck,
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