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Originally Posted by GenoMax View Post
So you are not looking at gross disparity (you expect one index but it is something else in sequence) but 1 bp differences?

Difference in %'s (read #) in a pool are going to be dependent how well the libraries were quantified and pooled.
Hi GM,
I agree with what you said. I really doubt data on my end, but I'm limited to my thoughts, and opinions.
This data lose of 33% is something sequencing center is unaware of, and weighing on the data at hand which get generated. The quality is really poor (QC gives no quality of reads after 290-ish).
V3-V4 chemistry has of late (2 years) been under constant vigilance by Illumina, and researchers.

Data I've is Mi-Seq. 2*17G file Illumina paired end. 300 bp length
I took initial 100K reads to get something going. I'm aware that those 100K doesn't represent entire data.
I know this sounds weird.

Thank you again for your reply.
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