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It mostly fits what I heard, 80k ZMWs sets but as far as I understood it 2 sets/SMRT cell at commercial launch (whitepaper SMRT DNA sequencing january 2010 from PacBio web site)

"The polymerase can go round and round through the DNA element, allowing multiple coverage of the same molecule in the same well."
this is covered in details in the paper from NAR 2010, 1-8 doi:10.1093/nar/gkq543. It does sound very interresting.

most other aspects you mention are sustained by the Science paper, including error rates at the time they wrote it. It was around 17% in single pass reads but no particular bias was observed as far as I remember (meaning correction through sequencing deepness is possible).

Hopefully out soon (I heard of early 2011 in Europe but it is still apparently not official)
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