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Sorry to be so picky, but I still have some difficulties understanding it, even if it might not seems this way.

What would be the difference between the two models:
~condition + stimulation
~condition + stimulation + condition:stimulation
in term of the question answered by the model?
I know what the user guide says about interactions, but to be honest, I'm not sure what it really means.
Is there a way to simplify it better?

my try would be this:
the first model try to identify the differences in the two groups of stimulation, buy accounting for the differences in the condition groups (this is reformulating the user guide). Does it means, that I sort of trying to discard all changes happening due to conditions and concentrate only on the effect causes by the stimulation?

the second model adds an interaction. according to the user guide, it means that i am trying to calculate the differences of one condition (here my term condition) based on the second condition (here my term stimulation)?
Does this means here that I'm trying to see the differences happening in my samples between the WT and KO based on the stimulation changes?

This doesn't sound very simplified, but maybe someone can do it better
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