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Lightbulb First gen forum?

So I know that "the next generation sequencing community" excludes first gen, "Sanger" sequencing discussions.

But I've just replied to first gen question in the solid forum, and I am wondering why first gen stuff is proscribed here. If it had its own forum, it seems like it would be very useful.

Are there other good venues for this type of content that I'm unaware of? The old bionet.autosequencing newsgroup is lamentably effectively dead due to the diminishing pool of NNTP servers, etc. The ABRF discussion forum is still there, but I find it painful to use. All methods are jumbled together into a single pile. Also its email list back-end is extremely irritating. I set my ABRF account not to email me anything. But every post I do invariably results in a bunch of "out of office" messages being routed to me.

So ECO, why not here?

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