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Originally Posted by Starr_Hazard View Post
There is a screen echo that says:

Error in 'colnames<-'*tmp*,value = "tracking_id"0 :
'names/ attribute[1] must be the same length as the vector [0]
Calls: expressionBarplot-> expressionBarplot->.local ->colnames<-
Execution halted
Warning message:
RS-DBI driver warning (closing pending result sets before closing this connection)

Hi Starr,
Can you confirm that a) this plot for this particular gene works when not inside the loop and b) that the returned CuffGene object is not empty?

Right now, getGene() will not die if you give it a gene_id that does not exist in the database, but rather returns an 'empty' CuffGene object that has some less than desirable behavior. I am working on making this more robust but I haven't had the opportunity to yet.

If you can confirm that an empty CuffGene object is created, perhaps you can remove those gene_ids that are not in fact in the full list of 'features()'?

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