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New stable releases are now available which include minor improvements and bug fixes.

The first of these is our full analysis suite, RTG Core 3.8.1. The changes in this version are listed below. Commercial users may download the update from our website at Non-commercial users can download the update from our website at or build from the updated source code on github at

We have also produced updated builds of our utilities package, RTG Tools 3.8.1, which is made freely available for non-commercial or commercial use alike. More information and download links are available from our website at or build from the updated source on github at

RTG Core 3.8.1 (2017-05-29)

This release primarily includes bugfixes and minor improvements:

* rocplot: (GUI) The right hand panel now includes a visual indication
of the color for each curve.

* rocplot: (GUI) The color for a curve can now be set via color picker
available from the per-curve context menu.

* rocplot: (GUI) Reordering the curves is now achieved by drag and drop
rather than the (now removed) reorder buttons.

* misc: The RTG Tools release includes a scripts/ that
gives a quick end-to-end demonstration of simulation and VCF
manipulation commands. This is similar in nature to the
scripts/ script that is included in RTG Core.

* vcfeval: Fix an exception caused by the skipping of heterozygous
structural variants being dependent on the GT field allele
ordering. These variants are now correctly skipped. In previous
releases the cases that slipped through would enter matching with a
stub allele representing the SV allele.

* vcfeval: When running a sample-free comparison via the option
`--sample ALT`, ignore records/alleles corresponding to structural
variants. In 3.8 these could produce an exception, and in previous
releases any SV alleles present were included as a generic token
during matching.

* vcfeval: Improve the handling of non-user exceptions encountered
during VCF loading. Previously these would produce an often
inscrutable message.

* version: Update copyright year and include an alternative citation
more appropriate for those using RTG Tools.

* popsim: Now includes the random number seed in the VCF header for
consistency with with other simulation commands.
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