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Default are the results

It seems that changind the final NaOH concentration has improved, somehow, the quality of the run, but not the cluster density...Now, we have more outputh, higher cluster pasing filter value but less cluster density... Here is the comparative between the " old run" and the "new run" from this morning:

“Old run”
Final concentration = 11pM
[NaOH] final = 0.002N
No neutralization
Qscore all cycles= 0.1G, 82%
Cluster density= 471K/mm2
Clustering passing filter= 20%

“New run”
Final concentration = 11pM
[NaOH] final = 0.001N
Neutralized with 1N HCl
Qscore all cycles= 0.3G, 98.6%
Cluster density= 363K/mm2
Clustering passing filter= 93.6%

Any idea? May it be something about the quantification?Should I load more sample?

Thanks a lot!
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