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Default SOAPdenovo v1.05

Hi All,

I am testing the new version of SOAPdenvo and I obtained some strange result. By using exactely the same dataset, configuration file and parameters I have the following statistics on the contig file for the version 1.04:

N50 = 1750
contig = 514836
length = 336705343
max contig length = 36963
mean length = 654.005048209527

On the other hand, by using the new SOAPdenovo31mer (v1.05) released a couple of weeks ago I get the following statistics:

N50 = 1653
contig = 536569
length = 331410443
max contig length = 36324
mean length = 617.647391109065

Is it possible that the new version performs worse than the previous one? Am I mistaking anything?

any help is really appreciated!
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