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Hi Louis,

CNV-seq input consists in just two files (reference & test) with just two columns each.
First column corresponds to the third column in a BAM file, that is the reference sequence name of the alignment (Chr1, Chr2, ..), the second column is the fourth column of a BAM file, that is the corresponding 1-based leftmost mapping position of that read. Input files can look like this:

1 999
1 1234
1 23456
1 25234

Full explanation of the input, how to get it, how to run CNV-seq, etc:

Jose Flores
Thanks for your help,I want to know the input type because the coverage of DNA-seq and RNA-seq is different.So if I use RNA-seq aligned to ref genome and use output file bam to run CNV-seq,Does it apply to analyze copy number varivation?
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