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Default New Tech at AGBT

I thought it might be useful to collate the bits and pieces about new platforms discussed during AGBT (Those that don't already have a thread), for those of us unlucky enough not to attended. Grabbing the info from various tweets listed at:

If any one at AGBT could supply additional information from the talks, that'd be appreciated or any links to blogs covering the tech.


Read Length: 1000bp
Accuray: Phred 70+
Holopolymers: Phred 70+ to 9bp
Sample Prep: < 1min

System is rackable, ~30lbs, Dry Instrument fludics in cartridge. Beta Mid-2012, commercial end of 2012? Real time Variant calling, each base queried 6 times.


Technique/Chemistry: ?


Raw base accuracy 99.8%
100bp reads
~$99K for instrument?
$1K per run?


So what do people think, do they sound interesting or is it all irrelevant and they'll be buried under ONTs upcoming announcement?
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