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Originally Posted by Heisman View Post
You sure about this? With the complement strand the sequencer would see not only a completely different series of bases, but bases from the "other" direction, I think. if anything I think the error profile would be remarkably different for complementary strands.
I can only guess at the nature of the error that they are talking about, but the "tricky regions" may not necessarily be an obvious class of sequences. Maybe there'll be an issue with only A/T homopolymers advancing a bit slower (or quicker) than expected. Perhaps there would be particular palindromic sequences (appearing the same in reverse complement) that have a high likelihood of read errors even when sequencing both strands.

Even if it would be possible to reduce error by doing more sequencing, they will still need to try their hardest to increase the single-strand accuracy (and reduce bias) given that it's reported as a single-molecule sequencing technology.
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