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Default Data analytics solutions - GBDA


Genotypic Technology ( introduces its new unit, Genomics Big Data Analytics (GBDA) which focuses on providing NGS data analytics solutions to clients on Full Time Equivalent (FTE) basis. We are training graduates (MSc, M.Tech - Bioinformatics) on various applications and pipelines of NGS.

1) Whole Genome - CNV, Epigenetic and Rare allele filtering pipelines
2) Transcriptome
3) Exome

This model of analytics solution is available for both onsite and offsite options. Enlisted below are benefits of GBDA unit:

1) Availability of Trained Genome Informaticians guided by GBDA for project execution. Outside the payroll of company. Scale up - (onsite/offsite flexibility). Domain consultancy (from experienced personnel)

2) Completion of projects with out delay (Maintained TAT). Ease for scale up of trained Genome Informaticians (since Bangalore, India being the informatics hub)

3) Decreased capital. Lesser operational cost : Qualified team at highly economical FTE. No overheads: No training cost, HR and maintenance cost.

For more details and scoping document of the model, please drop in your requests at


Best regards,
Kushal Dinodia
Sr. Executive - Global business unit
Genotypic Technology
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