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Originally Posted by narain View Post
But as I saw in one of the presentations, it seems CRAM does a lossy conversion from BAM, and introduces false positive and false negatives ? Is CRAM mature now to do a lossless compression from FASTQ and BAM files with random access such as BAM files give ?
I forgot to add, CRAM supports random access too. I have a cram_index program to create .crai files and then scramble can use these for random access. On a test I did recently it turned out that total number of seek and read system calls from random access within a cram file turned out to be fewer than it was on the analogous bam file.

This random access code hasn't been extensively tested yet, but it looks to be working in principle and is demonstrably efficient.

Finally, long term my C CRAM implementation will end up in samtools and/or HTSlib. I already have a fork of samtools that provides CRAM reading and writing support, but only via the samopen() unified interface rather than the SAM specific sam_open() call or BAM specific bam_open() call. Practically speaking this means samtools view works, but samtools pileup does not (as pileup won't work on SAM either). These are the issues that we will be addressing over the summer.
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