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Hi @larsB . You seem to have personality disorder. When I am pointing to my current issue at LEIPZIG University, you are referring to a 15 year old problem at Cambridge University. Indeed, there were problems of racism and stealing at Cambridge University as well, however, I did not continue there to submit a PhD thesis - the lab and the people there were not a fit for me - glad that it did not work there. Here, in the current context, I am talking about PhD submmitted status at Leipzig University, where the papers I published did lead to visibility of the Leipzig University to whatever contribution a PhD student can by means of his intellectual work. In exchange the student expects the University to provide support to help him finish his PhD degree. This is where the problem lies. Even if I accept that I forgot to put the conference paper in reference of the journal paper that I submitted and published, clearly neither my supervisors told me about this issue when I showed them the preprint nor the editors of the journal found my conference paper citable. Given that I was a PhD student, the University could have well given me a chance to do further work and add more papers to my thesis and help me graduate. Instead, they simply made my hard work go waste and did not even realize how much it takes to publish 5 international conference papers an 1 journal paper! That is why I am raising my voice in this public bioinformatics platform.
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