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Default Does anyone know the name of this PCR rack?

Hi, I moved to a new lab. My old lab has some special PCR "clamping" Rack. I want to buy some, but I can't find it online. I don't know the official name, so I can't google for it.

I can describe what it is. I normal use PCR strips (8 tubes a row). The clamping rack has two parts. The bottom part can insert the PCR tubes, then your put the upper part of the rack on to clamp it. Last, you put the PCR tube caps on.

There are different size of this PCR clamping Rack. 2X8, 3X8, 4X8.

The whole rack with PCR tubes can insert in the PCR machine directly and run PCR. The purpose for using this rack is not to mess up with sample order.

If anyone has used this before, can you tell me the official name of rack? It would be better you can send a website link. So, I can buy it.

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