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Default How to speed up blast2go rate

Dear all,
After nearly one month of working with blast2go (Basic) with low speed of 20 sequence blast every 6-7 hours, we reached a high speed of ~500 sequences blasted per day (each 20 sequences were being sent for blast every half an hour). However, our electricity once went off and the speed was afterwards severely affected and reduced (each 20 sequences are again being sent every 6-7 hours).
I am using the below options of blast: Local Blast --> Blastx (using previously downloaded "nr" file from NCBI), E-value: 1.0E-5, Number of Blast Hits: 5, and the default setting of word size: 3, Number of threads: 8, HSP length cutoff: 33 ,
my computer system information is as follows:
Processor: Intel(R) cORE(tm) i7 CPU Q740 @ 1.73GHz
Installed memory (RAM): 4 GB
What is the reason for the very low blasting speed? How can I improve the working speed (apart from technical facilities of RAM and CPU)? Are there any settings to enhance?
I appreciate your kind attention,
Sincerely yours,
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