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GI records are basically easy to make, in the event that you have involvement with slam, perl, or any programming language that you can use to design content, you might most likely naturally pull the GIs from these documents and place them into a GI rundown. A GI rundown is essentially a content record with one number for each line, and each number is a GI. There might be a few utilities that do this naturally (for example FASTA->GI list), however I don't know about them.

On the other hand, a pleasant way I've found for making GI records dependent on questions is to inquiry NCBI for the information you need. You can complete a pursuit in NCBI, click send to on the upper right corner, and fare it as a GI rundown. This is a decent, simple method for getting a GI rundown for impact subsets, however it's hard to robotize.
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