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Question Help installing QUAST(quality assessment tool for genome assemblies)

Hello all,

I'm having some problems with installing QUAST and I'm hoping someone out there can help. So here's the deal:

I am trying to install QUAST on my Mac (OS 10.7.5). I have xcode and all the required additions except for matplotlib. While trying to install matplotlib I run into issues because I have multiple versions of Python, the default is Python 2.7 but I also have Python 3.3. My python 2.7 does not have setuptools, which means it does not have easy_install, so my attempt at installing matplotlib (and the required numpy and nose) fails immediately. I still have not had any luck installing either setuptools or distribute for python 2.7, so that is problem #1.

Problem #2, after all this failure with Python 2.7 I decide to try and install all of the required packages in Python 3.3 (which does have setuptools and easy_install). I manage to do this successfully and think very highly of myself until I look back at the QUAST page and realize it requires Python 2. So my other question/problem is, is there a version of QUAST that will run in Python 3? I know that the syntax for Python 2.7 and Python 3 is very different, but was there ever an upgrade for QUAST that can use Python 3?

Apologies if these questions are overly simplistic, I'm still very much a beginner with programming/computing techniques.


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