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Hi luc,

I think the truseq-style barcodes you mentioned is that kind of "multiplex index" within the adapter? The reason why we do not want to use such common way is that we want to conduct such multiple DNA as one single illumina sample, which would be then joined into a even huge "multiplex barcode" run (hope you can understand my poor description). Thus to differentiate those multiple DNA after sequencing, we need to include some identifiers within the resulting read. Given that the long length of the whole set truseq-style barcodes, it will occupy much of the fixed resulting read length. So we just wonder if it is feasible to self-incorporate inline barcode besides the inserted fragments to save the read length.

And do you know if there is any kits can provide us those inline barcodes that are able to be ligated? Or I even need to generate inline barcodes ab initio as double strand oligos and then try very hard to ligate them into the raw DNA fragments?

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