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Exclamation web services, unable to understand what to do

I am following this website to get help regarding connection to

with this website I have to connect so that I can submit job without opening my browser. in this website I am looking for web services section.

See the Image to understand the instructions :

They said create JSON object and all, I have create JSON object:

"analysis": "CHASM",
"analysistype" : "driver",
"chasmclassifier" : "Head and Neck",
"email" : ""
"functionalannotation" : "on",
"hg18" : "off",
"inputfile" : "/media/storage1/SAMPLE_NAME_1.cravat",
"mupitinput" : "on",
"tsvreport" : "on"

How can i upload file ? Can I use just path to upload ?

What kind of script I have to write ? HTML form? PERL ?

See the link for my perl file:

Like this I have created file but its not working. Please guide me.

Waiting for positive reply.

Thank You.

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