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thanks very much for all that great advice! The read length is 90 bp. I made your modifications and shortened the read file names (and unzipped them) and now get this error, which I am sure is progress:

pgx:bowtie-0.12.7 rworthi$ ./bowtie -n 2 -S -t -p 2 -X 100 --solexa1.3-quals indexes/hg19 -1 ~/oto-L3_1.fq -2 ~/oto-L3_2.fq bowtie.exome.sam
Time loading reference: 00:00:09
Time loading forward index: 00:00:14
Time loading mirror index: 00:00:14
Warning: Exhausted best-first chunk memory for read FCB0AMFABXX:3:1101:16474:2240#GGCTACAT/1 (patid 400); skipping read
... continuing indefinitely for each line

Do I need a memory switch in the line?
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