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Hi,recently I have same problem like you,I don't know how to sove it.Have you figured out your problem ,can you give me some advice?The following is the problem I met:

./SIFT_for_submitting_fasta_seq -d $BLASTDB -f ../test/lacI.subst ../test/lacI.fasta > results.txt
Warning: lcl|Query_1 gi|2506562|sp|P03023|LACI_ECOLI LACTOSE OPERON REPRESSOR: Warning: Composition-based score adjustment conditioned on sequence properties and unconditional composition-based score adjustment is not supported with PSSMs, resetting to default value of standard composition-based statistics
./seqs_chosen_via_median_info: line 240: 14697 Segmentation fault psiblast_res_to_fasta_dbpairwise $QUERY.out $QUERY.globalX $ITERATIONS $QUERY.unfiltered
seqs_chosen_via_median_info: psiblast_res_to_fasta_dbpairwise failed.
SIFT_for_submitting_fasta_seq: seqs_chosen_via_median_info failed.
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