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Default NxSeq Long Mate Pair Technology for up to 20 kb mate pair libraries

Hello SEQanswers users,
Lucigen would like to announce the availability of our new NxSeq Long Mate Pair library kits and services. The product enables you to create the longest and most efficient mate pair libraries for your genome to date. With a bead-based size selection method, you can obtain tight distribution of a user selected insert size from 2 to 8 kb, and with a newly released gel-based size selection protocol, you can consistently obtain mate pair libraries with up to 20 kb insert sizes.

Bioinformatically, long span mate pair libraries enable you to accomplish the same type of assembly results that you would with a Pac Bio long read without the need to access a new instrument, as our technology runs on existing Illumina machines.

You can find out more information about the product here:

In addition, you can find supporting poster data here:

Construction of these libraries are also available as a service through Lucigen. For more information about our genome closure services, click here:

Please do not hesitate to contact Lucigen with any questions you may have.
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