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Default Problematic bioanalyzer results (QC after mRNA capture)

Did mRNA capture (Dynabead) for my RNA extract samples (mushroom). When run mRNA pico assay for QC, these kind of result appeared. Sometime it work for some of the samples. But repeated assay using same sample seem to produce different result. Contacted field application specialist and made the listed changes but problem persists.

Changes made:

1. washed electrode with RNAzap and consequently with RNase free water and air dried for more than 10 minutes. Even diagnosed for short circuit before run.

2. check priming station for failure. It seem to be working because it bounce normally when the latch was released

3. my sample were treated with DNase from MoBio.

4. diluted my samples.

Attached here are pdf. containing results for last few run.

2100 expert_mRNA Pico_DE13805702_2016-06-27_18-03-51.pdf

2100 expert_mRNA Pico_DE13805702_2016-06-14_17-28-00.pdf

2100 expert_mRNA Pico_DE13805702_2016-06-27_16-40-47.pdf
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