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Default fastx-toolkit Abort trap: 6 error

Hi everyone!

Running the fastx-toolkit for my HiSeq data--using the standard protocol I have been in the past for previous data.

When I run fastq_quality_filter on Mac OSX Mavericks, I get a maddening error:

fastq_quality_filter -i seq_1.fq -o seq_1_fastxtrimmed.fastq -q 20 -p 80 -Q 33 -v
Abort trap: 6

When I use sudo with the command, the error goes away but the command still does not run. I have tried uninstalling and re-installing fastx-toolkit. Anyone else have this issue? Is this a problem with fastx-toolkit on Mavericks? I've been Googling for hours but it has not helped. Thanks!
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