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Originally Posted by GenoMax View Post
That is correct. When you are using --transcriptome-only option consider additional options (e.g. -T) that become relevant (scroll down to find the --transcriptome-only option section):
If i understood correctly, when we use the --transcriptome-index without -T then the reads will be first mapped to the transcriptome-index and the reads which fail to match will be mapped to genome (just like using only -G option)

on the other hand if i use -T then mapping will happen only with transcriptome and report only those mappings as genomic mappings.

if i want to map to genome only then use of -G and -T should be avoided.

Also as far i have read and understood mapping to both transcriptome and genome will be an ideal approach i.e. use of -T should be avoided. Am I right?
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